Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bake Sale

A tempting assortment of baked goods at the Memorial Day Weekend Bake Sale last May.

The Friends of the Heath Free Public Library will be holding its annual Columbus Day Weekend Bake Sale on the front porch of Sawyer Hall on Saturday, October 11, from 10:00 to noon.

This is one of the primary fund raisers for the Friends of the Heath Free Public Library. We need donated baked goods, sweet or savory. They can be delivered Saturday morning, October 11, to Sawyer Hall.

Coffee and a scone to start your day?

We need bakers and eaters/buyers to make this fund raiser a success! All baked goods are sold for a donation of "Whatever your library is worth to you". Please consider baking or buying to help support YOUR LIBRARY.

Thanks for your support,

Rol Hesselbart
Rol welcomes visitors to the Heath Fair Book Sale tent, August 2014.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Town of Heath Weather Station

Screenshot of the Online Weather Center that uses data from the new weather station installed on Sawyer Hall.

News from Town Coordinator Kara Leistyna via the Town of Heath website:


National Grid has been modeling storm response on data collected from area Weather Stations on the Earth Networks system. There are a number of pockets in the Western portion of Massachusetts that have very light radar coverage, so National Grid has made the decision to purchase additional Weather Stations and Heath has been chosen to provide a location.

The Weather Station will be a donation to the Town and will become the property of the Town. It is now located on top of Sawyer Hall as of Sept. 24th. National Grid has agreed to pay for any basic maintenance that is needed to support the operation of the Weather Station, but Heath will be responsible for minor “housekeeping” such as emptying the rain catch, clearing leaves, etc.

The Highway Dept. as well as the entire community, will be able to view the data through the internet or on an LCD display located in the first floor hallway of Sawyer Hall. You may also get an app on your cell phone: for android phones search Weatherbug in the Google Play store and iPhones search Weatherbug in the iTunes store.

The school may also use the data as a learning opportunity.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Come to the Library and Sit a Spell

Lincoln Rocker
If you admired Deb Porter's Lincoln Rocker on display in the Exhibit Hall at the Heath Fair you now have an opportunity to sit in it at the library.

Heath Fair Exhibit Display Board

This antique rocking chair was reupholstered by Hilma Sumner, whose exhibit of the process won a Blue Ribbon at the Fair.

Brief history of the chair style, and a description of methods used in the reconstruction.

The chair will be in the library until Columbus Day weekend – please stop by and sit a spell.