Thursday, June 4, 2020

Library Takeout Window

Books, DVDs, Audio Books, and Magazines are available again at the Library! We will check out the items and pass them through the front window of the library.

[UPDATE 6/18/2020] Window hours beginning June 18: 
Monday 2-7 pm 
Wednesday 2-5 pm 
Thursday 2-6 pm 
Saturday 2-5 pm
Library Takeout Window -
Don't forget to wear your mask!

Please call or email us with your requests. or for help picking something. See our online catalog at to search for available items. The Inter-Library-Loan program has not returned to service yet so all items borrowed will come from our collection.

Library Takeout Window and Book Return
Please bring all returns (books, DVDs, audio books, magazines, museum passes) to the outdoor Book Return located near the front of Sawyer Hall at the corner of the access ramp. We will box the returned items and quarantine them for 7 days to be sure any possible contamination from the coronavirus has had adequate time to be deactivated. Then they will be checked in and be available for the next person to enjoy.

Some procedure notes to keep us all safe:
Please knock gently on the window when you arrive.
Only one person at a time at the window. Please no children at the window.
Please maintain the required 6' social distancing at all times.
Masks are required to be worn at the window.
Window hours for first two weeks, June 4-17: 
Monday 4-7 pm 
Tuesday 2-5 pm 
Wednesday 2-5 pm 
Thursday 2-5 pm 
Friday 2-5 pm 
Saturday 2-5 pm