Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Herons of Heath Exhibit

The Herons of Heath photographs by Henry Josephson are on display in the library through the second week in March.

Two week old herons. Photo by Henry Josephson.

The nine photos were taken last summer while floating in an inner tube in a beaver pond on Swamp Road. Beautiful closeups of the Great Blue Heron chicks at age two weeks and six weeks.

Henry wrote:
This past July I ventured out with paddle and inner tube to photograph Great Blue Herons at the beaver pond on Swamp Road. Two males arrived in early April, with one to repair and occupy an existing nest, while the other began to construct a new one in the same tree with the female that showed up a week or so later.

The lower nest collapsed and I began to wonder about the second family. One day while on a casual hike in June I found the second nest in a nearby tree. The development of the first family (two chicks) looked to be a couple of weeks ahead of the newer nesters (four chicks)shown in the photos.

On the left the birds are two weeks +/-, while the more mature (on the right) are about six weeks old. The center picture (black and white) captures the first nest which produced only two young.

Click on the image for a larger view.

I didn't witness the fledging of either family but the trip was well worth it in spite of the leeches enjoying a liquid lunch coutesey of my leg. Thanks to the McNays for allowing access to their pond.

If interested in purchasing a photo please contact Henry Josephson at 339-4212 or proot65@gmail.com.

Water lilies photographed on the beaver pond by Henry Josephson.